We have a broad services catalog offered directly by Pharma Business or by third parties.

All our services have passed a quality evaluation process. All third party services offered through Pharma Business are supervised by our operations team. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services or third party providers please contact our customer service at this link.

New markets entry

Market research

Pharma Business provides market research to help you avoid problems and save time and money.

We offer market research adapted to your needs that gives you a competitive edge when entering new markets.

General market research

  • Legislation, culture, potential customers, infrastructures and logistics
  • Product or service sellability
  • Delegation on new area viability
  • Competitors´ activities

Contact us and get a new perspective on your prospective market.

Local commercial team in the area

interLocal knowledge about needs and desires are key factors to succeed in a new market

Cultural barriers, schedules, logistics are potential  barriers to your success

Having a local commercial team increase your chances of success.

Our service is based on two pillars

– Bodyshopping services short or temporary projects.

– Local recruitment to locate, evaluate and contract a sales agent in the area.

We can also offer you services such such as managing teams and reporting the results

To order this service please contact us.



Frequently companies entering new markets delegate part of the operation to a local company as a way to for example reduce risks initially or lower production costs.

Pharma Business has an extensive network of companies that may help you in areas such as

  • Out-licensing
  • Licensing-in
  • Product acquisition
  • Company acquisition
  • API Sourcing
  • Support to Biotech Companies
  • Regulatory services in some Emerging Markets


Our contacts might be potential costumers for you. We also offer a matchmaking service connecting you with potential customers based on extensive research in the local area.

To request this service please contact us via with the contact form.

Trade routes

Thanks to our local partners Pharma Business can prepare optimised routes enabling you to save time and money.

Pharma Business can organise the entire trip; meetings with suppliers and customers, meetings with public officials, transport, accommodation, and leisure activities.

  • Car rental with/without driver
  • Security
  • Personal assistant
  • Translator
  • Cultural activities with/without tour guide

We frequently arrange business trips around conferences to help you make the most of your stay.

Personnel recruitment on New markets

Pharma Business can help you navigate the hiring personnel in the local market, a key factor in making a successful expansion into a new market. We can find you the right people for all levels and help you monitor their performance and development.

Please contact us for more information.

  • Contractual and legal solutions – Local law
  • Regulatory services In some Emerging Markets

Tendering process – Grants

Pharma Business can help you prepare and process the documentation needed to participate in a public tender or seek public grants. Our knowledge and experience guarantee a high success rate, saving you time and effort.

To request this service please contact us.